IWC Overhaul



IWC watch repair


Watch Repairs USA is the best place to get a IWC overhaul. Offering a fast, convenient, and hassle-free way to get your watch fixed and returned quickly. Our Swiss trained watchmakers are ready to use their specialized skills and tools to ensure the best service possible for all IWC watches.








IWC watch repair

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Wittnauer Overhaul

Getting an overhaul on your watch is crucial to restore functionality, improve accuracy, extend its lifespan, preserve its value, and ensure reliability. Over time, dirt, wear, and dried-out lubricants can hinder performance. An overhaul involves thorough cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, and potential replacement of worn-out parts, optimizing the watch’s function. It enhances accuracy, prevents further damage, and increases the watch’s longevity. Preserving the value of your timepiece is important. Lastly, it provides peace of mind, knowing your watch repair has been professionally maintained, reducing the risk of unexpected issues.





IWC watch repair

A IWC overhaul is just one of the many services we provide. For more information on battery replacements, movements, band repair, polishing, stem and crown repair visit our IWC Watch Repair website to receive custom care for your watch. Watch Repairs USA is used by customers across America, so join the over 300,000 satisfied customers and get your watch serviced.







At Watch Repairs USA we guarantee your watch receives the quality services, care, and attention to details that it deserves. We provide an authorized service for any IWC model except smart watches. When we receive your watch our experienced watchmakers will make sure to carefully open the case back, check for any internal irregularities that may require repairs, and reseal the case. Send your IWC timepiece into our repair service center for anything from a simple battery replacement or a crystal replacement for a broken crystal to a complete restoration. We’ll enhance your watch’s water resistance. Ship it to us, and our certified watchmakers will make sure it’s protected against water damage with the utmost care in a timely fashion.

IWC Overhaul