Packing Tips

How to Pack Your Watch for Shipment

Packaging your watch properly is important to prevent damage to your watch while in transit. Wrap your watch in tissue paper / paper towel or place it in a clear plastic bag, and then wrap the protected watch securely in bubble wrap. Do not place tape or any other adhesive directly on your watch.

Place the wrapped watch in the middle of a secure box filled with packing material (foam, packing peanuts, or additional bubble wrap). Avoid using a paper-based bubble mailer – they can rip during shipment. We recommend double-boxing your package for added security.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure all seams and seals are taped thoroughly before shipping.
  • Please do not send watch cases or any accessories not pertaining to the repair as we cannot guarantee they will be returned.
  • Make sure your watch is not floating around loosely inside the shipping container, use newspaper or shipping peanuts to fill tightly.
  • Ideas for boxes: Used Amazon boxes, re-purpose product packaging, grocery store used boxes, purchasing a box at Staples or the UPS Store.
  • Place any loose pieces (links, pins, buttons) in a ziplock bag, and notate their presence on the packing slip.
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