Movado Watch Repair FAQ’s

Movado Watch Frequently asked Questions.

Is a Movado watch worth fixing?

Typically the answer is yes, whether or not a Movado watch is worth fixing depends on a variety of factors, including the age, model, and condition of the watch, as well as the cost of the repair.

If you have a vintage or rare Movado watch that has sentimental or collector’s value, it may be worth repairing even if the cost is relatively high. On the other hand, if your Movado watch is relatively new and the cost of the repair is close to or exceeds the cost of a new watch, it may be more practical to purchase a new one instead.

Ultimately, the decision to repair a Movado watch is a personal one that should take into account the value of the watch to you, as well as the cost and quality of the repair. It’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion from a reputable watch repair service before making a final decision.  Visit our Movado repair page to get started with a free estimate on your repair.

Is Movado a Luxury watch?
Movado has many models. Some of the most popular include the Museum Classic, Movado Bold, Heritage Series, Esperanza, Sapphire Synergy and Edge. Movado is generally considered a luxury watch brand. Movado is known for producing high-quality watches with distinctive designs. Movado watches are often priced higher than many other brands and are commonly found in upscale retail stores and boutiques. The company has a long history of producing timepieces that are favored by collectors and enthusiasts in the luxury watch market. If you have a Movado Watch, you will want to make sure to take care of it so it will last a lifetime.

How long is the warranty on a Movado Watch?
Typical Warranty on a Movado watch covered by the Manufacturer is 2 years from the date of purchase and will typically cover defects in materials and workmanship that prevent the watch from functioning properly under normal use.  Always check with Movado to fully understand your actual warranty.  If your Movado watch needs to be repaired after the warranty has expired, you have several options for where to take it. Here are a few places you can consider for your Movado Watch Repair.

1. Online Watch Repair Service: There are a variety of online watch repair services that specialize in repairing luxury watches like Some of these services offer convenient mail-in options. At Watch Repairs USA, we offer a Free UPS Shipping Label and free no obligation estimates. No need to search your local area to find a jeweler that can work on your specific watch.
2. Local Jeweler: Many local jewelers are experienced in repairing luxury watches, including Movado. You can check with a few jewelers in your area to see if they offer watch repair services. While many jewelers cannot offer this service due to the low volume, there are still some that can assist with minor repairs.
3. Movado Service Center: Movado has stores and services centers around the world that are staffed by trained Movado Watch sales and service professionals. Many times these stores will send the watch to Movado main service center for the repair, but help coordinate the process. You can locate this service by visiting the Movado website.

Regardless of where you choose to have your Movado watch repaired, make sure you choose a reputable and experienced service provider. Watch Repairs USA has been in business for over 15 years as a mail-in repair service for most watch brands and has serviced over 350,000 customers.

How much does it cost to replace a Movado Face?
The cost of replacing a Movado watch face or the dial will depend on several factors. The specific model of the watch and the type of dial that needs to be replaced is important in determining the cost. In general the cost can be as low as $50 to as high as $200 to replace the dial. To get a more accurate cost on the service you would need to get an official quote.
Sometimes the crystal is also called the face and is a very common repair needed. Movado crystal replacement can by as simple as replacing the crystal with a new crystal. This process is typically a very quick repair and can cost as little as $50. Many Movado watch models have a crystal that is integrated with the rest of the case and when the crystal is broken on those models the repair would involve a new case with integrated crystal.

We can assist you whether you need a new crystal or a new dial on your timepiece.

Why would a Movado watch stop working?
There are many reasons why a Movado watch might stop working including the list below
1. Movado Watch Battery Replacement. If you have a Quartz Movado watch for repair, it may stop working if the battery has died. In this case the solution is a battery replacement. This is something that is a simple repair if you have all the tools required to open and close the case properly.
2. Just changed the battery and it only worked a short time: Over the course of time, the movement and typically the circuit board can get damaged and need repair. Many times when the watch goes through batteries quickly you will need to have an overhaul service, repair the movement so the battery will last as intended.
3. Mechanical issues: Movado watches are powered by mechanical movements that rely on many gears, springs, and jewels to keep proper time. If any of these components become damaged or worn out, it can cause to watch to stop working properly. A simple overhaul service can be completed to get the mechanism repaired and working properly.
4. Shock or impact damage: If your Movado watch was dropped or absorbed a large impact it could damage the internal components and cause mechanical damage and make the watch stop working. As above an overhaul service would correct this problem.
5. Age and wear: Everything mechanical is subject to wear over time. If you have not recently serviced your watch and it stops working, it may simply be reaching the point that service is required to keep the watch working properly.
6. Magnetism: If too close to a strong magnetic field, your Movado watch could get magnetized making it hard for the timepiece to keep accurate time and may need to be demagnetized before it will work properly. A quartz Movado watch is a little more resistant to magnetization as they are made with more plastic gears and should resume working properly when removed from the magnetic field.
7. Water Damage: While many Movado watches are water resistant, they are not water proof and have areas like the stem and crown, caseback and crystal that can be areas that water or other debris may enter and cause damage to the movement. When this occurs the watch should be serviced immediately to avoid further damage.